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It should be no surprise to my regular readers that I love music.   There's more than 370 posts about music at this moment on my blog and my "Made in Belgium" series on Belgian music has been going on for almost 9 years with 300 posts next month.

At work I love to have music around.  At my previous employer I had a little radio in my office that was always playing. Right now I am sharing an office with multiple people so it's not so approapriat to turn on a radio. On top of that, our office location is in Wallonia with very poor reception for the Flemish radio stations that I'd love to listen too.

So streaming comes into the picture.  I must honestly admit that I am a true streaming laggard. For a long time I opposed music streaming for the fact that I discover more music if I'm not the decision maker on what to listen to.

I started testing Spotify for a while but first of all the publicity in the free app is annoying, but I also never had a click with some …

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