Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I am tired

pfff I am tired... should have slept enough. Yet I still feel tired. Yesterday I even slept 2 hours through my alarm clock (resulting in 8 hours sleep, which is good isn't it?).

I am working too much, trying to combine that with a smooth household (full fridge, freshly cooked food, clean house) and the renovations and other activities. Something has to change. I will not join the choir rehearsal tomorrow evening, neither on sunday. That is a start.

Oh the company changed for the 4th time the car I am driving. Right now I am driving a Renault Scenic (cool car, lots of options) while I handed in my Ford Focus C-max yesterday (excellent powerful driving, lack of options though).

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Stef one month

He is getting round cheeks!

Lost luggage full of souvenirs

Good news at last: Jan has gotten his lost suitcase back 2 weeks after our return from Turkey. When we came back from our vacation, his suitcase didn't arrive in Brussels. Somehow it was not surprising since the check-in in Dalaman airport was really unprofessional and they didn't put any luggage tags with the destination on our suitcases.

For 2 weeks, we didn't get any news and I truly didn't believe anymore that we'd get his suitcase back. It was already the 3rd time that he lost his luggage (Once he never got it back!). He has to leave for Dubai and India this Tuesday, so it came back with his summer clothes right at time! Anyway, now we have it back I can finally share with you all our precious underwater picture ;-). Our best diving souvenir.

Other than that, I had a good weekend. We have been busy putting up plaster boards at the ceilings in our house again while I then fill up the little wholes and levelling the gaps in between two boards. It's fun to do but really slow to do it right!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hot air balloons

One reason for which I love warm clear summer nights are the many hot air balloons. In the region between Antwerp and Ghent, the air is always filled with hot air balloons (they can't fly near Brussels because of the main airport there). Quite regularly in the summer I can see more than 20/30 balloons on my way home, some in quite different shapes.

I remember that I sometimes did a bike ride with my parents on summer nights and then it has happened that a balloon was landing in the field next to us. A couple of years ago there was a balloon stuck on the church tower in downtown Ghent during the festival in Ghent. It almost seemed like a planned attraction :p.

As a kid I was always running outside in the garden when we heard or saw a balloon coming by, waving enthousiastically to the people. Sometimes they were so close we could hear them talk.

Anyway, these are pictures taken from my window in Ghent last Sunday night. It was a sunny clear day but it wasn't very hot!! Sometimes you see them in early spring when it's still really cold. Imagine being up there, where it's so much colder!! Then I am glad that I can just watch them from my warm car or appartment.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Weather forecast with cows

It just started raining and all the cows outside are staying where they are => it will rain for the rest of the day :(

This is a wisdom taught by some of my colleagues: when it starts raining and the cows look for shelter than it's a shower that will go by. So far this wisdom works! Interesting huh.

=> update a little later: what do you do when the cows look for shelter after being an hour in the rain??? well it did clear up then afterwards.... and now it's raining again and they are looking for shelter again, so I guess it's more showers now??? I just hope the cows don't keep changing their mind about it.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Nice (stereotypical) turkish images in Fethiye

Vacation in Fethiye, Turkey

I've been back now for 5 days from our vacation in Turkey and I am still trying to adjust being back. Why can't vacations last longer than they do? Why is coming back always such a disappointing experience?

We've had a really good time. The weather was just wonderful: it was really hot, but who would complain about that when you can spend your days at the beach and jump in the water whenever you start sweating. I just adore it when I can be outside late at night in a T-shirt, having a drink outside on a terrace. There weren't even mosquito's out there!

Our hotel was like a big village on a peninsula, with 3 little beaches on little bays and a walk-way all around the peninsula with sunbeds. I just spend a lazy vacation there, didn't do much visiting at all but it was great. In the company of 3 books, the sun, the crystal clear see... I had a good time.

We also enjoyed the all in formula very much. Turkish food is good! Turkish food in big buffets almost all day is great ;-). Especially the fresh beignets at 4-5 PM at the pool!

Jan and I both tried diving for the first time. Much to our pleasure we could take our first beginner dive immediately in the open water of the sea. After some instructions on how to breath, how to swim and how to pop our ears; after learning some essential sign language for "ok? ok!" "problem" "need to go up" ..., we were all geared up by our instructors. The first dive goes down a 3 meters, all hand in hand with one instructor that checks our equipment all the time and if our ears and breathing and nerves are ok. It's fun to be able to start from your hips in the water in a little bay. As true underwater tourists we fed some bread to the fish and took underwater pictures. The first dive was a bit weird, I had cramps in my foot and no way to communicate that to the instructor and breathing is strange and balancing the equipment on my back as well. In the afternoon we made a second dive there up to 6 meters which was fun and I felt a lot more at ease.

Jan subscriped for the PADI open water course and as a result I spend a few days on my own in the hotel. I did join him on his last day of the course though just to see him study hard and write his theoretic exam on the boat and to make his exam dive. I could make 2 more dives, up to 9 meters.

We also went on a really fun jeep safari through the green back country of Turkey (apparently we were in tomato country!). One of the highlights there was our excursion in the Saklikent Canyon, the 2nd biggest of Europe, 18 km long. Nobody has been able to tell me which one is the biggest in Europe though. Any hints??

Anyway, I can write a lot about our vacation in Turkey but in short: it was very good!!!

The summer babyquiz: the solution

picture 1: Renée
picture 2: Luisa
picture 3: Stef
picture 4: Renée
picture 5: Thijs
picture 6: Stef

Congratulations to those who dared to take my challenge ! :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Sun water sun water, the perfect life

Here's a surprise posting for you all

After reading 150 pages lazy at the beach and then at the pool I wanted to give my legs (that started to look a bit too red) a short break and here I am in the hotels internet corner. it s the first time that I see a free computer. That s ok, life is way too good here to worry about news, internet, work, ... anything really. The heat just purifies my mind of all things. Temp has been between 32 and 37 everyday and the sea between 23 and 28C . What a perfect combination. We spend our days on the beach, on the diving club boat (Jan got his PADI open water brevet and I did 4 beginner dives), in the water, on a jeep safari visiting a canyon and mud baths etc... And when being in this great huge hotel we divide our time over terrases, drinks and restaurants. Life can be great but time goes too fast. Pff wanna stop time and stay much longer. Still got 3 more books to read. ok going back to the sun now and then we'll get ready to go to a big market here at Fethiye in Turkey. Bye bye