Thursday, March 30, 2006

8 hours sleep

For all of you who were worried the last days.... I am sleeping more again and I am less grumpy now :). All week I've spent 8 hours in my bed each night.

I do suffer from a light annoying soar throat though.

At work, things were stabalising although today was again an accumulation of questions, problems and things to check. Oh well, it cannot become boring like that. We're slowly giving less and less support though because we'll only stay one more week on the platform.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

De Parelvissers

Just wanna say that the "Parelvissers" is becoming a very geniusly made thriller. Can't wait for next week. Too bad that it'll be already the last episode

Babysitting Stef

Sandra reading to Stef

On Friday Sandra and I went to babysit Stef. He was cute as ever, at one point pulling the towel behind his head over himself resulting in some kind of folkloristic look that resembled a Dutch farmers woman with a lace white hat. He made us laugh so much but then he gave us a very amazed look at the sounds we made which made us laugh even more.

Stef with his folkoristic look

He was very tired though and fell soundly asleep when giving him his last bottle of milk.....until he woke up, he had to cough and then he puked the milk all over me and him. So we both had to change our outfit!

Stef with full stomac still soundly asleep.....

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Busy long week

Hi hi,

We are life with the new software! Great. All together it went fairly well. Except of some slowness of the system there were no technical issues at well.
But we kept ourselves busy reconcialing the accounting upload in the new system with the old one, finding out which data (customers, products) had been forgotten to load in the new system and creating them (usually when it was already extremely urgent, since the customer was supposed to be delivered immediately of course).
And we worked very long days as for the first week we wanted to stay as long as the depot was open, to make sure there were no problems. But due to all the newness of the new procedures.... the work was only done way late at night.

So our team shared the healthy diet of eating fries at midnight in the bar of the hotel, since the fries store was the only thing left open at that hour.

Thanks that it is saturday evening and tomorrow I have one day that I don't have to work!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

A cold sunny sunday to regain energy

Yesterday and friday were very difficult. I felt exhausted and very stressed with the go-live we have to do and all the linked problems.
On Friday morning I got some vaccinations (tetanus, hepatetis, ...) and I think that was the reason that I got fever yesterday. All of a sudden I felt shivering and hot and cold and not able to concentrate very much. Thanks to some medication that my colleagues had, I felt a bit better again and I managed to work all day...although it remained a struggle.

Today I slept until noon to get some cath-up sleep and then I went to see my parents and then Griet, Wim and little Stef. Jan has left yesterday morning on a ski vacation in France with some friends. In the town where my sister lives, there was a carnaval parade coming by so I had to park at distance and walk to her house.

Stef has grown a lot and he is now sitting independently and eats in a toddler chair. Hurray for Stef :-).

When I came home I felt quite tired again and much to my surprise I was having a bit of fever again. So I'll go to bed now in half an hour after a long warm shower. Goodnight!
Next week I'll stay in a hotel again at the coast so I'll be able to sleep more since I don't have to drive up and down.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Project D-weekend

It's a Saturday 23h30 and I've been at work here since 7 AM. After a very stressfull week full of last minute data error discoveries, I feel very very tired (although last half hour it was more being goofy)!
I've struggled myself through the day, ran around checking stock, corrected some more data, shuffled hundreds of papers around, but right now we are loading the inventory into the new system. Phewwww, we are going life. Let's cross our fingers that we don't encounter many more other problems next week!

And tomorrow...I'l just sleep in!

Monday, March 13, 2006

itchy back

I am at this moment carrying allergy tests on my back...with an itchy back as result. Although I am not complaining, I expected much worse. Most of the time I don't feel too much except some glowing.

My blood tests reveiled a grass and a dust allergy though. I can hardly believe that gives me the rash that I get. It might only worsen something I already have, so I believe. Grass is in summer and then I never have allergy problems, it's in winter I get them. Oh well, we'll see. If dust is true..hmm then working in Leuven hasn't really be good.

I am more curious what this cosmetics allergy tests on my back will show. Hopefully not many more restrictions, I still gotta live!


Sunday we went to Belgium's biggest "building" fair as do all Belgians that with renovating or building plans. And since Belgians are born with "a brick in their stomac", it's one of the main fairs of the country. 360 000 people came there last week and we were 2 of them. It's a huge fair with lots of halls: one dedicated to kitchens, one dedicated to bathrooms (or wellness centers as they are now apparently more called), one to heating, one to building stones, etc etc....

Unlike last year we only had to concentrate on kitchens and bathrooms, whereas a year ago we still were looking for bricks, tiles, heating, .... Everything basically. It's really nice to see what's on the market and to dream, but it's torture for your feet. Especially if you are wearing big high heeled boots as I did. Lesson learned: don't wear high heeled boots on a big fair like this as! I really struggled to keep going at the end :(.

We came across some relatives with renovation plans as well. Fairly amazing in such a big crowd.

So now we have to quickly decide or kitchen appliances as they already came to measure the kitchen and we want it to be installed in the coming 6 weeks.

ah yes, on Saturday I got a new haircut. After 18 years I have bangs again....which are nice but itchy!

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Peking Express

Yeaaah, Peking Express is on tv again :-). Yippee, let's race again through Asia.

Some things to look forward too

Pff I am quite tired once more. But I didn't write yet that we have booked vacation!
Yeaaah so despite the hard work, I have something to look forward to.

From April 16 to May 1, Jan and I will go to Goa and then to Mombai!! Yipeeeee.
I am very much looking forward to it, but I first have to arrange some vaccinations and my visa.

And yesterday we got confirmation about the rental of a house in Bretagne, France with the entire family in the middle of August for one week. :-).

Sunday, March 5, 2006

Active but relaxing weekend on my own

Yesterday morning Jan left early in the morning to Mumbai. So I was on my own all weekend without any real plans beforehand. So it was my goal to relax but also get some chores done that were left behind.

..and so I did. After sleeping in until almost noon (I really needed that...Friday was the third night in 2 weeks time with a bad headache of fatigue), I drove to Deinze where I washed my car. Hmm that was really needed after 15000 km. It so looks like a different car now and it's so shiny that I took a picture of it. So you can all see which car I am driving (and the great publicity that is on it ...hmm...ok it could be much worse)

Furthermore this weekend I did a lot of cooking (mmm chicken with mango...and fish with plums and gruyère), I cleaned my appartment thourougly, I fixed a mirror that came down long time ago, I hang up a new curtain that came down, cleaned up piles of paper that had started to grow on my cupboard for a while now, .... It's not chores that I like to do at all but my appartment was in a fairly dirty state so I had no choice. And I did it on my own pace with loud music, while reading in my book now and then and now I can relax tonight in front of the tv and enjoy it all. :-). Yippeee, I am ready for a new demanding week.

more tiling

Last week, Jan's dad finished the tiling in our hallway. Woohoo. What would we do without him?

too much work

Pff I work too much, I was incredibly tired all week. I need to go home earlier this week, which will be hard because our go-life is in 2 weeks and there is still so much to do! And it's all little things, which makes my head so chaotic and then I am doing too much stuff at the same time and forget finishing off them. hmm not good. Maybe I can start not reading every incoming mail immediately and not answer my phones :p....