Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some days I adore fall

This post is funny enough one of the most googled & read posts on my's still valid but sometimes fall is absolutely adorable. When our fall is unlike most days sunny, dry & mild and the automn storms did not blow down all colored leaves down into one big wet puddle yet.

So what to do when automn comes in all its glory? on the map for a deciduous forest nearby and go for an absolutely stunning walk in the soft sun! We drove to a forest in between Eupen & the german border known for its many beeches and we indulged in all the beautiful fall colors. Absolutely stunning. 

A nice hunting menu in the restaurant that evening just completed it :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's a secret pact to spread the Flemish accent across the world

I was talking to a colleague in the Amsterdam office when all of a sudden an expat in Amsterdam turns around, stares at me and states "hey, you have the accent of Mega Mindy" .  2 desks further another expat turns and replies "no I think she sounds more like K3".

When I was a kid we were often watching Dutch tv as the Belgian tv was boring. I grew up with Ome Willem, the Dutch Sesame Street, .... But Belgian tv boomed in the 90ies and became more creative and now I doubt that many Belgians still watch Dutch tv.  Studio 100 became a big child tv production house ...a bit like our local Flemish Disney studio's with programs & shows ranging from toddler cartoons to pre-teen series, and several theme parks also abroad.  Because they succesfully export their products.

And hence the Flemish accent gets familiarized into the next foreign generations. Wooohaaaa, global domination starts small ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Made in Belgium: Steak number eight

It's not the first time I post "Humo's Rock rally" winners here, and this is another one out of that talent pool. Steak number eight won the rally in 2008 . This young metal group brought out their second album this year, produced by Mario Goossens (Triggerfinger).   Their current track pyromaniac is doing well in the alternative hit lists but is too rough for my taste. Yet their first big hit "the sea is dying" is intriguing to say at least.

the sea is dying


Monday, October 24, 2011

A young reader

Deep concentration
while the finger moves forward
over the printed sheet

Letter by letter
discovering a new word
by tasting the sound

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Today I

  • woke up in a strange bed by the sound of a baby
  • had breakfast next to a little chatting girl with a piglet piture on her plate
  • felt that the early mornings are reaaaally becoming cold now
  • got warnings from the library to return a book, they'll have to wait until finish it.
  • stood in a traffic jam around Brussels when not feeling great
  • am greatful for probiotics
  • have heavy legs
  • learned that you can already spell a great variety of words with a limited number of letters....and a child that learns to read is fun to watch
  • think tv programming on Saturday sucks
  • cleared my ironing backlog but postponed my other work for tomorrow 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fortunately she started asking where her green purse was

It had been an exhausting day full of financial Q3 reports to aggregate & analyse after a very early alarm clock and the weekly long & delayed trainride to Amsterdam. "Just a quick meal, one dish, I am going to return to the hotel quickly" , I had warned my colleague who joined me for dinner, while I guided him to an area with multiple little restaurants where I go more often.

While we look inside to check if there's free tables, we hear a big bang and right in front of us I see an older lady smacking down on the street while a scooter and its rider are rolling down the sidewalk towards us.
Instinctively I run immediately towards the lady while I didn't notice anymore that the bike was sliding dangerously close towards us. Fuck fuck, I need to do first aid, what do I do? Other people were yelling to phone an ambulance and the 112 emergency number so I knew that was taken care off. Silly enough I remembered very well the introduction sentence, learned in my emergency first response course, which seemed pretty unusefull at the moment and also the fact that I did not have any plastic gloves on me to put on as we had drilled in that course and which importance I had found rather exaggerated.

The lady was inresponsive and making weird scary gorgling sound while her mouth seemed to hang a bit. I really feared she had a serious head injury, but didn't dare to lift or turn her head. All I could, dared or thought of doing was touching her cheeks and talking non-stop to her in different languages, asking if she could hear me & that help was on its way.  It was pretty scary and I was cursing for the ambulances to come faster. Other people came to cover her with some coats, which made me feel so guilty for not thinking of that. I should have known to protect her from shock.  All of a sudden a girl stopped on her bike, telling she was a doctor so I was relieved to let her take over from me. The lady just became a bit more concious.

While retreating back to the sidewalk, I could see the man from the scooter was also back on his feet, looking very confused and appearing to want to drive off...which triggered multiple people to take pictures of him & his number plate but in the end they convinced him to take the offered chair from the restaurant to sit down again with a little blanket on his shoulder. Than I realised I was standing next to the ladies husband, who stared silently to all the fuss around him.

Much to my relief the lady started asking repeatedly if we could check where her green purse was. Thank goodness she was asking for a green purse which we found under the pile of coats on gave me a relief that she was concious & less confused by the time the ambulances arrived. The sound of the sirens approaching has never been so welcoming and there was probably 5 to 10 of us waving them closer when they turned into the street. I noticed very clearly that the police spent the first minute on site putting on...yes, plastic gloves :p

We stood by very uselessly for a while on the sidewalk watching both victims being taken care off by the ambulance personnel , not certain if we were required to stay as witnesses but the police didn't seem very interested in our story, having plenty of restaurant people as good witnesses.  After all the coat owners had been identified and coats, chairs & blankets returned where they came from, we went in pretty shaken up to force ourselves to have a small meal even though we had no appetite for food.

And now I wonder how the lady, her husband and the scooter rider are doing? Are they still in the hospital?
I could have offered the husband to phone somebody but only thought of that when going to bed.  Some man gave the husband a business card with the question to give him an update later....probably the least of the worries the husband had at that moment.  Oh well, everyone really tried to help and that was nice to notice in such a situation. I wish the 3 victims all the best.

Made in Belgium: Victor Laslo

As a little kid, Belgium won the Eurovision songcontest....and in 1987 it was hosted in Brussels and presented by Victor Laslo. I had never heard of her. What a weird choice I thought then. However she seems to be one of the only true classy glamour ladies we have in our showbizz and a true talent. She's never a big commercial hit machine but keeps scoring a hit now and then in some european countries. Her career start when she could sing the titlesong Backdoor man of the French movie A Mort L'Artribe.

Backdoor Man



Sweet Soft n Lazy

Total disguise - 2004

Sunday, October 16, 2011

This weekend's thoughts and observations

  • An alarm that goes off at 4.15 AM is waaaaay too early. 
  • I don't hate the fall if it comes with a lovely bright soft sun. Not my usual idea of the fall. But yesterday it was absolutely lovely to stroll along the beach with a friend and have a drink outside. And today it was absolutely lovely to walk over the Sunday market. 
  • It's amazing how many  leaves one tree in a little garden can produce...and it's amazing how green that tree still looks.  It'll be probably more amazing how quickly you don't notice anymore that I've cleared all the leaves today. 
  • I saw a few guys breaking into a parked car today...Visibly forcing a long tiny stick through a crach in the door , in front of the window towards the lock. I walked by and let them continue.  The fact that they were cops made it seem legitimate to me.
  • I've finished today a big to do list of cleaning-up tasks and getting the house reorganised....Great but all the fun stuff on the bottom of the list, like reading all your blogs will lack time. Pfff, I didn't forget you guys but now I must go and do some ironing first.
  • They are pretty comfortable
  • I was last week on a training and leadership styles and motivational profiles etc was part of I can't stop analysing what I do and why....intriguing stuff but it can probably drive you mad

Saturday, October 15, 2011


If a man knows not what harbor he seeks, any wind is the right wind.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Made in Belgium: Lords of Acid

In the past I've introduced Maurice Engelen to you as an active music octopus. In 2010 I brought you from him Praga Khan  and now it's time for his succesfull acid house band  Lords of Acid.  A bit too dark hardcore dance for me, yet very influential in the dance scene.

I sit on acid

Scrood by you

Saturday, October 8, 2011


3 weeks after the first agreement....the negotiators in Belgium keep getting agreements on difficultl points. They will now actually start talking economics & budget instead of state structure/language disputes.

They might actually end this record holding political crisis.  And I personally love the fact that federal & regional elections will take place at the same moment.  A few years without electoral stress & coherence in coalitions between state levels will hopefully bring us all more stability.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Made in Belgium: Tom Helsen

Last week it was in the news that Tom Helsen would stop his career as singer-songwriter, cancel his planned tour this fall and would concentrate on his love to write songs for others and mentor young talent's careers.

Wow what a decision to take just before the launch of a new album and a tour??

Sun in her eyes


Change yourself

don't let them get you down

Night & Day - Regi featuring Tom Helsen

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Summer walk in October

We had a brilliant hot summer (including nature fires) in early spring and now we have a brilliant hot summer week in the is sure welcome after a crappy june/july/august where we burnt the wooden fire each evening to warm up, where we had to cancel dive/camping weekends due to rain and where we couldn't out of the door without a rain jacket & sweater.

Anyway, since mid previous week we have splendid summer weather....hitting 26-28C at end of September. Brilliant & bizar but sure welcome!

We had one of the rare occasions to walk through the high fens and enjoy the moor lands in a hot sun, in our T-shirt & short & sunglasses , secretly hoping to get a sunburn in October. Quite a contrast to last year's mushroom weekend...the mushrooms now weren't as flourishing as they had been a month ago. It was lovely now in bright sun & blue sky. And we ended our evening with some mojito's & a barbecue among the fallen leaves in the early sunset.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ready to step into the world

The Lincoln Lawyer

Warning, Michael Connelly is seriously addictive
That's the warning on the backside of my book. I already know that, been through quite some Connellys although not all of them are as good.  The first one I ever ready from him 'City of Bones' got me immediately in its grip and 'The Poet' was chokingly good.

I started this book, completely unaware that it had been turned into a movie already.  I was dragged into the rollercoaster where lawyers & clients do not seem to be what they pretend to be at first sight, their goals aren't quite what you'd expect and a power struggle with lives at stake is ongoing. Very addictive indeed. Aaah I love such books